Monday, August 20, 2012

Holstein Cow Quilt?

Imagine a quilt with a Holstein Cow, colors of black, white and hot pink!

Well I’m sure this quilt wouldn’t be for everyone but kids love animals and I grew up on a big dairy farm so it brought back lots of happy memories.  So I made this one for my granddaughter, Ryleigh.   We had a shopping day together at the quilt shops and found this quilt and the elephant quilt (previous post).  She fell in love with the cow quilt and said she wanted it.  So being a sneaky grandma I bought both kits that day and planned on giving them to them for their birthdays. Decision was made, what to do for their birthdays, was made.

The pattern is called “Clara” by Custom Creations, CC-218. Instead of a black cuddle tail she wanted a yarn one with a ribbon.  Otherwise I made it like the pattern.

There’s not been one person that hasn’t liked these quilts after they first touch them.  Ryleigh showed her Dad the quilt and her brother laid on it and said Grandma I want one of these quilts but not pink or a cow.  I want it with a big “GB” (Green Bay) and colors green and yellow.  Hum!  Sounds like a great idea for another soft project.  Some day!
Have you tried making a quilt with the cuddle/dimple material?  Share your ideas and if you have comments they are always welcome.

The weather has changed here in Kansas, finally not 3 digit temperatures.  This last week and over the weekend we enjoyed 80’s and 90’s and it feels so much better.  Is  Fall time here?  It’s been fun sewing in the sewing room with the windows open and feeling the cool air.  We have welcomed the change.  Now if we could only get some rain.  Still in drought conditions but as they say “one day closer to the rain!”

Keep creating and sewing, have a great week,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Product Review - My sewing machine....................

Do you ever wonder what sewing machine is the best one out there?  Everyone has their own idea on this subject.  The sewing machine that I use and have used for over 10 years is the “Brother.”  I love this machine.  This machine sews beautifully and has never given me any problems.  The one and only problem that I have is making time to get it serviced, cleaned once a year.  I just don’t want to be without it even for a few days.  Just like your car it needs maintenance periodically to keep it working fine.  Other than cleaning I’ve had no problems with this machine.  I love it so much that I bought a second “Brother” machine for my daughter to learn to sew on.  However, she never took to sewing so it never got used too much.  Now my granddaughter is learning how to sew and using it.  This machine is newer than mine and even has a quilters table attached to it.  She thinks it’s awesome to have a newer machine than Grandma! 
Don’t be fooled by low prices! My machine wasn’t the most expensive machine out there.  So price isn’t everything.  This machine can sew just as nice as any machine out there. 
Check out the Brother sewing machine link I have on my blog.  Think about trying this machine!  You might fall in love with this sewing machine and love it like I do!