Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicken Wallhanging - WOW!

I'm so excited about this post.  Keep in mind when you read this blog I'm not taking credit for making this  wall hanging that I’m going to talk to you about today. 
This wall hanging is made by my cousin, Carolea.  She purchased this wall hanging by joining a Block of the Month Club through Keepsake Quilting which provided the material and pattern each month in 2000.  She finished the blocks in 2001.  Now I have to tell you that this whole wall hanging is done by hand.  She needle turned all of it.  Each feather, each raspberry and grape clusters, all the branches, flowers, leaves, eggs all of it.  Layers upon layers were added by appliqueing on each chicken feather.  Last July she took it out of the closet and decided that she only wanted to finish the wall hanging by hand quilting it.  She started hand quilting it the first night of the Olympics and finished it a week ago.  Hand quilting was challenging because of the thickness of all the materials.  She said she’d probably never do another raspberry or grape cluster again! Appliqueing  and/or hand quilting.   Can u blame her!  She’s happy with it and I would to be if it was mine.  Another point this was her first project or attempt at needle turning.  Looks awesome cousin!

Carolea will welcome any comments!  She’ll be watching my blog to see what you say.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed posting it.

Off to the sewing room…….


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  1. Fabulous Carolea!!! You must be a needleturn pro after that. How brave to do such a pattern for your first.