Sunday, September 9, 2012

Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

Have you ever gone into a quilt shop or on line and see these little 5” square packs of material and don’t know what or how to use them?  These are called “Charm Packs.”
I am really starting to like using 5” charms.   Charm-square packages are produced by the manufacturers using there fabric line and colors that blend together.  It’s quick and easy!  They come in a variety of different colors or values.  The theory is “use what you have” just like quilters have done for so many years. These charm packs come in a variety of quantities within a pack.  Just depends on who your manufacturer is.

TIP: A note on charm packs, they usually don’t stick around very long so if you see one that you like you might want to purchase one or two right away.

Cutting a charm square is very important to make sure you don’t miscut.  Don’t let this scare you because if you do miscut there’s a good chance you might have a piece of stash that you could cut a 5” square out of and use it for a substitute.  It doesn’t have to match perfectly and remember you’ll be the only one that knows you substituted.  Some charms have pinked edges and these are usually measured from the outside edge of the pinking.  So be sure to measure your square before you cut.

I’m going to tell you how to make a “Disappearing 9 Patch!” If you don’t have any charm packs and you’d like to try it you can cut 5” squares from any of your stash and do the same thing.  That’s why charms are so much fun because they are already cut for you and not that expensive and you can go right to sewing them.

Now how does a “Disappearing 9 patch” work?   Using 5” Charms, sew together 3 charms x 3 charms, which makes a 9 patch.  When figuring out which charms you want on each row remember that the 4 corner blocks will not be cut.  So within the pack you find a few squares you don’t really care for then put them in the centers of each row.  You are now ready to cut.  Cut down the middle of the 9 patch, turn and cut down middle again.  Once cut then mix and match the blocks, the way you like them.  Don’t forget to take the time to square your blocks up when completed. There is no right or wrong way to set your blocks.  It's your quilt!

Now doesn't that sound very quick and easy?  Try it and let me know if you like this technique. 

Keep that sewing machine humming,


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    1. Its really fun to work with this technique. Try it and let me know what you think! Enjoy!