Monday, November 11, 2013

T Shirt quilt...................

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Here it is in November already and Christmas decorations have been out for awhile I in the stores.  Many Christmas open houses were this last weekend and more to check out in the coming weeks.  We have a landscaping nursery here in town that has an open house every year at this time and it is just beautiful.  Over 40 decorated trees in this building that are 3 ft and over.  Every color of Christmas tree decorated to the fullest.  Ornaments and sprigs of glittery silver, gold, red, green and even harvest colors stuck in the trees.  Check out there website  Be sure to click on Video tab and watch Larry decorate old with the new.  Some of the things he comes up with are so easy but you have to think outside of the box.  He does a great job with decorating.  Really enjoy visiting and shopping in this store.

Anyway, today I want to talk about T shirt quilts.  Christmas is a time to make and give a T shirt quilt to your son, daughter or maybe T shirts that your grandson or granddaughter wore.  T shirts vary in all sizes so you will have to figure out how you want to make it.  Don’t get scared thinking “I can’t do it.”  Yes you can.  Measure the T shirts and see which one is the biggest and then cut them all out the same size.  If one T shirt is to small maybe you can incorporate some of the wording or pictures from the back of the shirt.  Use your imagination!  Add sashing between the shirts or use left over T shirt material.  There are several websites that you can read up on T shirt quilts like how to stabilize your T shirt so it doesn’t stretch on you.  So check it out and start cutting!  They will be so excited to receive this quilt.

I've taken a picture of one of the blocks that I used to show you how this one was put together and the quilting around it.  You don't have to quilt a lot if you choose not to.  Some just like the emblem quilted and no quilting around it.  It's up to you. It's your quilt.  This particular quilt was made for my niece, Kelcie for her High School graduation.  The school colors were red, black and white.

Just have fun.  It's easier than it looks so give it a try!

Back to the sewing machine,

Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Boy Blue...........................

Little Boy Blue
Come blow your horn
The sheep’s in the meadow
The cows in the corn…….

How can you not like nursery rhymes?  This is another block that goes with the Mother Goose quilt.  I bring each block to work and show my friends and they just loved this one. 

Again this block is just made out of scraps and everyone has a stash that they’d like to use up.  So try it!  Even if you don’t have a grandchild, don’t want to make all the blocks, use it in the center and create other blocks to go with it.  Use your imagination.

Watch for the next block. 

Keep on stitchin’

Monday, November 4, 2013

Time for everything...................

There is a time for everything,
A season for all things under heaven.
A time to be born, a time to die.
A time to plant, a time to harvest…
A time to grieve, a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones, a time to gather stones.
A purpose for all things under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2, 4-5

This is one of my favorite versus out of the Bible. There’s always time, you just have to make time.  Life is very short sometimes so let’s make the best of things now and make time for things we love to do besides being with family. 

I know one of the things I love to do is sew.  I will make time for sewing because it is a stress reliever for me even if I have to resew something.  During my childhood I joined 4H and learned to sew.  I didn’t like sewing because I seem to have to rip a bunch because my body wasn’t perfect.  Ha Ha  I sewed off and on during high school but after high school sewed very little.  Then I found a wall hanging I wanted to try for Christmas.  That’s when I fell in love with quilting.  I’ve been quilting ever since.

This wall hanging is made with scraps of dark and medium fabrics that I had in my stash.  Then I sent it to my quilter and let her stipple all over it.  Really liked the way it turned out.  I’ve also made a few extras and handed them out when I needed a quick gift.  Using scraps the only expense you have is the panel and quilter if you decide to take it to a quilter. 

So don’t just walk by the panels in your quilt store.  Check them out and do a log cabin design around the outside.  Quick and easy.

Keep Stitchin’