Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fun and Fast Quilt......Bento Box.....

This has sure been a different week as far as weather here.  Monday we had temperatures in the low 70's, which is very unusual for January, then Wednesday we had freezing temperatures, wind and snow.  Blowing snow in spots where you just couldn't see.  This only brought a trace of snow but with the wind, blizzard conditions.  Our winters have really changed because now we
hardly ever see snow, a few days of really cold weather.  Our temperature's are usually in the 40 - 60's.  Which would be nice if we weren't so dry.  We need the precipitation but would rather see it in the form of rain. 

The quilt I want to talk to you about today is "Bento Box" pattern by Tracey Brookshier (Updated and Expanded).  This pattern has twelve new quilt designs that will work with 2 1/2" strips and additional block sizes that you can use.  It all depends how you assemble the blocks to what your quilt will look like.

The pattern suggests that you limit your color palette using 2 - 4 main colors.  Choose fabrics in pairs, such as one dark and one light, with a strong contrast between each pair.  Try to avoid using directional prints because if it bothers you that the strips is going the wrong direction this will drive you crazy.  This pattern suggests using fat quarters or fat 1/8's but you can also cut your own 2 1/2" strips if you'd like.

This is a fun and fast pattern and I like all the different ways you can use the strips.  Try this technique in your next quilt, colors you like, maybe a scrappy look?  I'm excited are you?

Till next time, stitch away,

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