Sunday, March 12, 2017

The First Wildlife Quilt............................

 This quilt I made in the Fall of 2016.  When I received these t shirts from my cousin she wanted a t shirt quilt for Christmas.  She was cleaning out a closet and found all these wildlife shirts that her son collected.  She ask him what to do with them and he said to donate them to Goodwill.  She didn't have the heart to get rid of them so I offered to make her a t shirt quilt out of them.  They were awesome.  Quilt a few of these shirts had metallic in them which made them really stand out.  It was hard to decide what to cut off if the shirt was to large.  Some of them wrapped around the side of the shirt which made it even larger but I got it to work.  For the sashing I used the Stonehenge material with browns, teals, blues and golds.  Worked beautiful.

I have so many pictures of this quilt because the t shirts were so large it turned out to be a King size quilt. It was hard to pick just a few to show.  I hope you still can see how beautiful it turned out.

Her son really, really liked it and was glad his mom didn't donate the shirts.

I guess I can say keep all t shirts.  You never know how beautiful a t shirt quilt can turn out.         Keep stitchin'   Connie

Sorry can't figure out how to group the pictures!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Striped Quilt.............

Another quilt I made and wanted to share with you.  This one was made with different color of stripes.  The way you cut and sew them together makes this block.  You can lay these out anyway to create your own quilt.  I used leftover material for the surrounding borders.

So get your striped material out and start cutting.  See what you can come up with.

Keep stitchin'

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Very Special T Shirt Quilt

I want to share a very special t shirt quilt that I was asked to be a part of.

About six months ago I was asked if I could make a t shirt quilt for a special person in Colorado who had passed away.  When I make these t shirt quilts it always is a surprised the different shirts that I come across.  Everyone has there own personality, there own likes and you wonder what the story is behind each t shirt.

This individual loved music so that's what I used for sashing in between the t shirts. His favorite color was yellow so the borders were yellow with some black in it.  There were four t shirts that I couldn't add to the front so I put a row of these shirts on the back.  I couldn't just leave them off cause they mean't something to him also I'm sure.

The quilting was done with the pattern "city windows" (I hope that's right) through all the t shirts except the teal t shirt below which is his picture. This one I chose to just stitch in the ditch around the picture.

   The T shirt quilt will be a wonderful memory of this individuals life.

I was glad they asked me to be a part of it.

So try something new or just finish a project you've got on the shelf.  Till next time.

Keep Stitchin'

Monday, August 29, 2016

So colorful and lots of spools of thread...................

Hi everyone,

This morning I wanted to share a wall hanging that I made with a charm pack I purchased.  This charm pack had a variety of colors and when you look at a sewing room you see this in your thread collection. With this in mind I decided to make a wall hanging with spools of thread. The outside is material that is just fun with sewing notions and has all the colors that I choose to use in the spools.  This was a fast and very easy quilt to make.

So get out your sewing machine and try it!  Have fun choosing your colors.

Until next time,
Keep Stitchin,

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beautiful Butterflies and Dragonflies......................

This has to be one of my favorite quilts that I've made.  The center is a panel that I purchased.  Then for several months I would purchase fabric that would go with the panel till I thought I had enough.  This happens when you don't have a particular pattern to follow but anyone can do it.  I had seen this quilt made up in a quilt store but figured I could figure it out without a pattern.

It was mainly using 2 1/2" strips which was easy to cut.  Then a solid piece for the appliqued butterflies and dragonflies.  These appliqued pieces were done with the blanket stitch on my sewing machine.  They were cut out of another piece of material that had the same butterflies and dragonflies but in a small version.

This was a fun quilt to sew and I love the bright colors.  Sure reminds you of summer.

So pick a panel and design your own quilt.  Try it its not as hard as it might looks.

Till next time,
Keep Stitchin'


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Looking through the window.............

                                                                                                                                                                    Love this quilt.......

I want to share with you a couple of panels that I purchased to try the pattern "Attic Window."  I watched a tutorial on this with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I would suggest that if you're interested in trying this be sure to watch this tutorial.  It wasn't hard at all.

With this panel I used camouflaged material for the border.  I framed it out with just a small strip of black fabric and using a brown and light tan for the casings of the window.   I really like how it turned out.

This Attic Window was the first one I made.  I learned on this one with a panel that has eyes you need to watch how you cut the panel in blocks.  As you see in the Santa Claus's face you can hardly see the eyes.This is because the quarter inch seam takes most the eyes out.  So when I did the deers I figured that in with cutting more off the top and bottom to make sure the eyes were towards the center of the block. Hoping that makes sense and if you watched the tutorial it probably does make sense.  This is the only pattern of Attic Windows I will use on panels now.  Love it!

There are many panels out there now that can use this pattern.  Many flowers, trees, landscapes, birds, and animal panels.  It's endless.

So go to the internet or your local quilt shop and see what kind of panel you can find to try this technique.  I'm sure you'll fall in love with it also.

So keep stitchin'
until next time,


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kitchen Because it came with the house.............Licence Plate

Again it is a hot and windy day in Kansas.  Around 93 degrees today and been that temperature most all week.  Wheat harvest is beginning and soybean planting is almost over in the surrounding area.

Wanted to share with you a wall hanging that I did.  This was from a towel that I seen and didn't want to use it as a towel but really liked the saying so decided to cut it up and use it for a wall hanging.  I just picked matching colors and did a log cabin around the outside of it.  I quilted it in the ditch to finish it off.  This shows you that you don't always have to make pieced blocks for a wall hanging.   You can almost convert anything to a piece of art.  Use your imagination.
Something else I wanted to share with you is my licence plate for the front of my car.  "Warning! Quilter on the Move!  You'd be surprised how many people notice that I'm a quilter and it strikes up a conversation.  Then I also can drive through Sonic and get asked if I could help alter a piece of clothing.  My son looks for the licence plate on the road and knows he needs to wave!  No excuse to ignore Mother now.  HA HA

Well until next time.  Stay cool and keep on stitchin!