Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Owl and Pussycat" block..........................

Well we’ve had our first snow in this area (Kansas, USA).  They say the day the first snow falls is how many snows you’ll get in the coming winter.  Hope that’s not true cause if it is we can look to have 18 snows this winter.  That’s a lot of snows and a lot of shoveling.  When the snow falls I fill like its time to get out the Crockpot and make soup.  Guess I better be finding some new recipes for soups if I’m making 18 this winter.  

The Owl and Pussycat is such a cute block that goes with the “Mother Goose” quilt.  Again it’s made with scraps out of your own stash.  You pick and choose what goes where.  I basically did it the same way as I did on the other blocks.  On the Pussycat’s face I embroidered the nose with 2 strands of black floss verses blanket stitching a black nose on it.  This would be up to you how you’d like to do it because I do it both ways. For the eyes again I used black glass beads (used in jewelry making).  I like the look of it but you can use tiny buttons. 

Looking at this block doesn’t it make you feel like you’re in the boat? The waves to me create that feel. They’re so happy.

Be sure to check back while I continue on with the next block.  

Oh and if you have a good soup recipe send it my way.

So keep on stitchin,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little Bo Peep

This has really been a fun project to work on.  I come home from work, make supper and then try and go to my sewing room even if its for a few minutes.  Just sit at the machine and listen to it hum around each piece. 

Little Bo Peep is another block that goes in the Mother Goose Nursery Quilt along with the Humpty Dumpty post I did on my blog.

This is another block where you can use any scraps that you might have stashed away. Put fabrics together that you wouldn't even consider putting together and see how it comes to life.

Background is 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" with 2 1/2" strips for borders.  Trace pieces of block unto fusible web.  Then cut out the pieces leaving a 1/4" inch around each piece. Match pieces to color of scraps that you would like to use for that piece.  Blanket stitch with sewing machine or by hand using the color of your choice for that particular piece.

Attach black buttons, I used glass beads used in jewelry making, for eyes on Bo Peep and her sheep.

Blush cheeks using makeup or pencil (which on this picture I forgot to do).

Then embroider using how many strands of thread you want, I chose 2 strands of black, the words "Little Bo Peep."

I think the next block will be "Owl and Pussycat."  Check back and see how this quilt comes to life with each block.  I'm doing all 9 blocks!

In the meantime,
Keep on stitchin'


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Humpty Dumpty..........

What child or even parent doesn’t like Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms! Brings back a lot of memories when your children or grandchildren were growing up doesn’t it?

I want to talk about “Humpty Dumpty” today.  This is the first block of many nursery rhythms and the block finished measures 18” x 28”..  The first thing I did on this block was embroidered the “Humpty Dumpty” in black with 2 strands of embroidering floss.  The pattern called for 4 strands but I choose 2 strands because I didn’t like it that heavy looking so you will have to decide what you like. I also embroidered the mouth using 2 strands of thread.  Using scraps from your stash pick out a scrap for each piece in the pattern.  Trace each pattern piece on fusible web.  Hint:  make sure you transfer pattern on the glue side of your fusible web.  Be sure to leave ¼” around outside of pattern when you are cutting the fusible web out to iron onto material.  Iron onto the wrong side of the scrap that you have picked out for that pattern piece.  Now cut out each piece on the tracing line. Cutting on the tracing line will seal your threads and help with fraying edges.  Now remove the paper backing on your fusible web.  The next step is like putting a puzzle together.  Lay all your pieces out like pattern shows on your background fabric.  Remember dotted lines indicate where one shape overlaps another.  Iron in position when you are happy with layout.  Here you can iron the whole appliqué or iron piece by piece.  This is depending how you are going to blanket stitch your appliqué.  I choose to do it piece by piece with the blanket stitch on my machine.  I also try to use the same color thread to match the color of the material I am sewing on.  Sometimes I will just use white for a contrast so it’s up to you what colors to use.  They suggest you use color threads to match to appliqué shapes for a classic look or a darker shade of thread for a more dramatic look.  Attach buttons for eyes.

Doesn’t that look like a fun “Humpty Dumpty” that any kid would enjoy having for a quilt or wall hanging in his/her room? 

Check back and watch for more blocks from this series.

Keep stitchin……