Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5 Tiny Speckled Frogs Sat On A Great Big Log....

The temperatures are cooling down.  Fall is in the air.  The trees are changing to there beautiful colors.  This is the time of year I really enjoy.

Have to share with you a bus trip I took for three days visiting quilt shops in Kansas and Oklahoma and just had a blast.  If you have a chance to take a quilt bus trip grab a friend and sign up.  You'll have so much fun!  Don’t get discouraged if you have to go by yourself because with three days you do make new quilting friends.   The fun part is you can visit, quilt, show and tell what you bought from each quilt shop and even play a few games.  Oh, I also have to mention we even watched the movie “27 Bridesmaid Dresses.”  Everybody enjoyed this movie and had some good laughs.  You just meet so many other quilters that are just as enthused as you are about quilting. 
It seemed every store had a new technique, new tool, demonstrations regarding a new product to show us.  Even if they had some of the same materials they seem to show different ways to use that material.  Each store was exciting to visit.   It was hard not to buy a lot but I did control my spending.  Proud of myself for that!

One thing I did fall in love with on this trip was this frog material.  I like frogs but I don’t have an obsession with them.  When I saw this pattern and all the different frog materials I just had to purchase it.  Wouldn’t it be a nice quilt for some little boy or girl especially if a little boy or girl likes to catch little pollywogs.   Aren’t all these little frogs happy?  Got to love it.  My 6 month old grandaughter, Mariah smiles when she looks at it.

For the backing I used a colorful print that had the same bright colors.  Flowers are usually found by ponds and so I thought this would go with the frogs sitting on the logs.  Now this quilt can be used either side.  Does anyone else remember this  "5 Speckled Frogs Sat On A Log" being sung to them when they were a child?

Novelty prints are fun to work with.  There are so many different prints and so many ways to use them.  Put your thinking caps on and come up with your special quilt.  Let me know what you like to do with novelty prints?

Here's to Fall, keep smiling

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