Friday, April 19, 2013

Pinwheel Quilt...................

Well Spring is suppose to be here according to the calendar.  Once the calendar said its Spring then we get Winter weather.  We’ve had snow, sleet, hail and then two days later we have nice weather in the 60’s and 70’s with rain.  We need the precipitation so I’m not complaining.  Would be nice to put my coat away and leave it in the closet.  I keep telling myself it will get here then you’ll complain about it being to hot!  Never happy are we!!

Today I want to talk and show you a small quilt, 26” x 30” that I made my granddaughter, Mariah.  It is so much fun watching her with this quilt.  She’ll lay it across her lap and just rub her hands over it.  I’ve seen her laying on it and again just rubbing her hands on it.  She’ll sit there with it on her lap and look at her books.  I do believe she might like my quilts!  Maybe some day another quilter in the family?

This pattern is from the book Country Threads Goes to Charm School.  I have used this book numerous times because I love to use Charm Packs.  The pattern is called “Use A Napkin” because we have to remind our kids “Don’t wipe your fingers on the quilts – use a napkin.”  I thought that was cute.

To refresh your memory a charm pack is 5” x 5” squares and depending on the company you buy from charm packs can have up to a quantity of 43 squares in a pack.  For this quilt you will need 30 squares of different colors and ½ yard of the background material.  In the book is a mini windmill template, using with a  2 ½” square, that you can cutout of cardboard or acrylic.  I used the cardboard back from the charm pack.  Worked great! 

On this particular quilt you will cut the 5" squares in half.  You will get four windmills out of each square.  If you don’t have a charm pack you can cut 2 ½” x 20” strips of 10 different colors. Then use your template to cut the windmills out.

This is a fun quilt to make, a different type of pinwheel.  I like this pattern because you don't have all the bulk of material in the center.  This would also be a great quilt to use up scraps that you have.  I love the bright colors and so does Mariah.

Give this quilt a try and let me know what you thought of it.

Keep stitchin' and until next time, thanks for stopping in……..


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  1. Hi Connie,
    My name is Anna and I am cousin to Carole- my quilt blog's name is
    I live in Alberta Canada and have quilted seriously ????? since 1996.
    The quilts I have on my current post use a template to make the spinning flowers. I have made a similar quilt like yours
    you can find it here:
    It was a fun quilt to make and my friend loves it -
    I do not hand quilt( but admire those who can and do)- but I do machine quilt on a larger domestic machine- perhaps some day I will buy a Sweet Sixteen machine- that would be my dream machine.. I hope you will stop by my blog- I certainly will be returning to yours.
    Warmest regards,