Monday, January 26, 2015

Anyone can color on the floor now - You Can't Resist....................................

Found this chalkboard fabric and thought it would make awesome presents for Birthday, Christmas, etc.  This is chalkboard fabric that you lay on the floor and give them sidewalk chalk and let them color away when they can't go outside.  Then you can just wipe it off with a wet cloth and start over.  I'm giving this one away for a Birthday present and the 2nd one I'm giving away to my granddaughter for Christmas.  I tried the new way of making borders by doing it the potholder and tablecloth way.  This is the new cottage (House) ruler that you see and hear about now.  Check it out it is really neat how it works.

Want to buy some more of this fabric and make potholders to set on a table and then write on them.  Maybe a wall hanging of things to do or your grocery list.  Reminders for the rest of the week.  Even thought about doing some little wall hangings for my grandchildren to hang on there walls for notes.  The ideas are endless.

So keep on stitchin'

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