Thursday, May 14, 2015

Barn Quilt...........................

Took an interesting class last weekend that involved quilting.  Well maybe not quilting like with a sewing machine and material but another kind of quilting.  The latest fad in Kansas now is Barn Quilts.  Barn Quilts can be painted on the actual barn but most of them are painted on a board any size you want to paint.  If you're really interested in this go to your library and check out the book "Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement" by Suzi Parron w/ Donna Sue Groves.  It has a few USA states with different barn quilts and pictures to go along with the stories.  It's a fun book to read and look at the pictures.

So making a Barn Quilt is simply transferring a pattern from paper to the board.   Just like if you were designing a quilt block.  Then taping off and painting the squares.  It does take a little time to do especially the taping off for painting and then waiting for your paint to dry in between coats.  Depends on your pattern if simple or complicated.  I sure enjoyed the class and want to make more of these.

I mentioned hanging them on a barn but some people don't have barns!  I'm going to hang mine on a chicken house and then I have an entry way on my house and I'm going to hang another one on the outside of it.  It seems that a few people are starting to put them somewhere on there house.  In the book, I mentioned at the beginning, it shows them hanging signs and hanging on fences.  Cool ideas.

So check into it!  It is a lot of fun and then watch when you go on trips to see if you can find any BARN QUILTS!

My barn quilt hanging outdoors!

In the mean time, keep on stitchin,


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