Sunday, March 12, 2017

The First Wildlife Quilt............................

 This quilt I made in the Fall of 2016.  When I received these t shirts from my cousin she wanted a t shirt quilt for Christmas.  She was cleaning out a closet and found all these wildlife shirts that her son collected.  She ask him what to do with them and he said to donate them to Goodwill.  She didn't have the heart to get rid of them so I offered to make her a t shirt quilt out of them.  They were awesome.  Quilt a few of these shirts had metallic in them which made them really stand out.  It was hard to decide what to cut off if the shirt was to large.  Some of them wrapped around the side of the shirt which made it even larger but I got it to work.  For the sashing I used the Stonehenge material with browns, teals, blues and golds.  Worked beautiful.

I have so many pictures of this quilt because the t shirts were so large it turned out to be a King size quilt. It was hard to pick just a few to show.  I hope you still can see how beautiful it turned out.

Her son really, really liked it and was glad his mom didn't donate the shirts.

I guess I can say keep all t shirts.  You never know how beautiful a t shirt quilt can turn out.         Keep stitchin'   Connie

Sorry can't figure out how to group the pictures!

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