Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So soft...............

Have you ever gone into a quilt shop and find this shelf that has really, really soft material that you want to just stand there and rub your hand across it.  It’s so soft you just want to take it home, make a quilt and sleep under it.  This material is called “Cuddle and/or Dimple” material. 

I finally decided I was going to try making a quilt with this material and not be scared of it.  Guess what?   I’ve made quite a few cuddle quilts and yes it is different using this material but anyone can do it.  Just take the first step by buying the material!  Then you get it home and it lays on your table just staring at you – saying when are you going to use me up, I don’t want to just lay here!  No really it’s not bad at all.  After the first one I said “no more!” Guess what?  I’ve made 6 more since then.  So never say never. 

One of the quilts was for a special couple’s wedding.  They both graduated from the same college so I used the college mascot on a white back ground in the middle and had their wedding date machine embroidered underneath.  I also used the college colors for the borders to accent.  They just loved it.  In fact, they used it for the backdrop with the wedding cake.  Awesome!  I was pretty proud.

This quilt is for my gran daughter, Brooklynn, age 2.  This was the first time I tried appliqueing.  I found a website using this material  There are several videos that you can watch.  Watch it and see which of these techniques you would like to try.  To be honest I tried the spray adhesive and couldn’t tell that it worked for me.  So I just pinned and basted really good and seemed to work for me.  So try it and see what technique you like the best.

(TIP:  If you work with dimple material don’t iron it on either side because you’re dimples will disappear.
What do you do with all the leftover scraps?  I made a miniature quilt just like her big quilt for her doll cradle for Christmas.  Also out of leftover pink scraps I made a little doll pillow. She thought that was really neat because she could carry this quilt and her baby doll together.  On both the quilts I used buttons for the eyes.  Realized I forgot the eyes when I was taking the pictures.
So give it a try and see how you like working with the cuddle material.  Watch out because this does cause dust bunnies! Or maybe I should say furry bunnies!  It wouldn’t be the first or the last bunnies that I will ever see!  

In on a secret!  I also did a cuddle Holstein cow which I haven’t got back from the quilter yet.  Keep checking back with me to see the hot pink quilt with the black and white Holstein!!

Until next time………….

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