Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunflower quilt blocks or postcards.........

Well the holidays are over so now maybe things will slow down a little that I can get back to blogging.  I’ve missed everyone so let’s get back to keeping in touch. 

I’ve talked about what you can do with panels but I found another product that is similar.  These are called “Quilt Blocks.”  These blocks measure 4” x  6” and a quantity of 4 in each package. These seed packets are one example of collectible prints.  Check out their website www.oldeamericaantiques.com for more images.   These quilt blocks are printed on 100% cotton sateen.  These are ready to sew and easy to quilt.

The prints I used in this wall hanging derived from vintage seed packets dating from 1880s through 1930s.  The pattern I used for these quilt blocks was a nine-patch which is included in the package.  This wall hanging measures 17” x 21” vertical but if you choose to make it horizontal it measures 21” x 17.” 

I live in the country, what use to be a big dairy farm.  My dad and his brother farmed and milked cows for many years.  They were considered one of the biggest dairy farms in the county.  So I grew up with Holstein cows, bottle fed calves, geese (which I didn’t like cause they chased us kids).  Really good memories.  Sorry, got side tracked there.  Anyway, we grew up with crops like wheat, corn, soybeans and milo.  These crops have many different colors to watch as they matured.  Sunflowers were everywhere but were considered wildflowers.  Now there are some farmers around here, not many, that will plant sunflowers for a cash crop.  The fields are beautiful when in bloom.  So these sunflower postcards, quilt blocks mean something to me. One of the reasons I love living in the country.

Check out these postcards and if you make a quilt or wall hanging please send me a picture.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and everyone have a great 2013.

More stitchin a comin.........

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