Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swingin Monkey Strip Tubing Quilt...............

One of my favorite things to watch on TV is sports. I didn’t play sports when I was in school because in those days it wasn’t offered except for boys. Have things changed for the better I’d say. Anyway, I did play softball in the summer and also love to watch college girls’ softball and that’s come a long ways from when I played ball. Anyway now football is in the air, which team will go to Super Bowl! Another reason I have sports because I do have a TV in my sewing room and usually some kind of sports is playing. I can sew and listen, when yelling goes on I can check it out. So when there’s a game on, regardless what sport it is, I’ve got my TV on in the sewing room.

OK, I’ve talked about “strip tubing” in several of my blogs. I’ve got another quilt using the same technique but different material. This particular material has a theme of monkeys with coordinating material. Blocks that were left over were made into pillows with decorative fringe on each pillow. Wouldn't this look good in any child's room, boy or girls?

Have you tried making any quilts with this pattern? Check out this link, the first book "Strip Tubing" is the one I use. There are alot of different ways you can make these quilts, different sizes and explains how to use the  "Strip Tube Ruler" by Cozy Quilt Designs which also is shown on the same page (scroll down). This is also a great tool to have cause once you use this book you'll try several different quilts. Try it, increase your quilting knowledge by reading up on a new technique and let me know what you think

So here’s to more sewing and watching TV, football and/or football. What’s your pick?

Still stitichin,

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