Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hummin along...............................

Here is another Christmas quilt I made for a grandson.  This one has old cars, which is a panel, that I cut squares out.  These car blocks each had a border with different colors already so I just used those and didn't add another one. Then I took the contrasting material of all the cars and cut the same size squares.  I didn't do a small border on these because it was black against black.  Used checkerboard material for an additional border.  I needed length and had some chevron blocks left over so added them to the top and bottom.  For the last border I used flame material.

The grandsons really liked the old cars and I knew my quilts were a hit with them!  He was very excited to receive this quilt from his Grandma.

In one of my other posts I talked about panels.  Don't be scared to buy one and use it.  It's intimidating at first but you can make some really nice quilts incorporating them into your design.

So keep stitch'in,

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