Thursday, August 20, 2015

Barn Quilts

I don't seem to blog as much as I like.  One thing that is holding me back is I'm remodeling my sewing room and things are really hard to fine let alone sew.  So hopefully I'll get back to being organized and start sewing again.

Wanted to share another couple of Barn Quilts that I have completed.  This is additive!  My sister and I have set up classes to show how to paint a Barn Quilt and have had a good response.  We're hoping to have quite a few registered here in our county so it will bring tourists.  This is an up and coming thing now spread throughout the USA and we want to be part of it.  Other counties in Kansas are really big right now.  Check out your library and see if you can find books on Barn Quilts and read about them, how they got started and where some of them are.  You can also find alot of Barn Quilts on "Pinterest" if you are a follower there.  I have quite a few under a board "Barn Quilts" in my Pinterest section.  Check it out!

This one to the right I put a dark blue border around the outside to make it stand out.  I have a picture with the border but its laying down and doesn't show it off as well as this one.

I hope to get these 2 barn quilts hung this weekend and then after I get the wheelbarrow decorated for Fall time I'll show you the finished picture.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and want to go and do some research on "Barn Quilts."  Even my sons have noticed them and tell me where to look for them.  They wouldn't even have thought anything about them if I wouldn't be painting them. They don't have to be hanging on a barn.  I have mine on my chicken/garage shed.  Some people are hanging them in a patio area, side of a front door, on a garden shed, any building.  So watch the side of the road and see if you can find any!  You'll be excited if you do find one or two along your road trip.

So either keep painting if you're painting these or keep stitchin, which I hope to be soon.


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