Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kitchen Because it came with the house.............Licence Plate

Again it is a hot and windy day in Kansas.  Around 93 degrees today and been that temperature most all week.  Wheat harvest is beginning and soybean planting is almost over in the surrounding area.

Wanted to share with you a wall hanging that I did.  This was from a towel that I seen and didn't want to use it as a towel but really liked the saying so decided to cut it up and use it for a wall hanging.  I just picked matching colors and did a log cabin around the outside of it.  I quilted it in the ditch to finish it off.  This shows you that you don't always have to make pieced blocks for a wall hanging.   You can almost convert anything to a piece of art.  Use your imagination.
Something else I wanted to share with you is my licence plate for the front of my car.  "Warning! Quilter on the Move!  You'd be surprised how many people notice that I'm a quilter and it strikes up a conversation.  Then I also can drive through Sonic and get asked if I could help alter a piece of clothing.  My son looks for the licence plate on the road and knows he needs to wave!  No excuse to ignore Mother now.  HA HA

Well until next time.  Stay cool and keep on stitchin!


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