Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make My Day Colorful

Here is one of my Christmas quilts that I made for one of my grandsons.  "Chevron" is the name of the main pattern but I really just did what I wanted to as far as designing it.  I really love this quilt because of all the colors in it.  I hate to say this but this was a UFO project in my closet for many, many years and I mean many (7 I think).  Decided if I didn't work on it I was going to throw what I had done away.  I hated to do that because I had enough blocks made for 1 1/2 rows so I proceeded with working on it off and on.

Knowing last year I was going to make each of my grandsons a quilt for Christmas I decided this was going to be one of them.  I worked on this one first because it probably would take the most time.  I have to say I really liked the finished product because of all the colors.  Don't be scared to attempt this kind of quilt.  It might look hard but its really not.  The worst part was trying to keep the colors straight with what colors to put on the next block.

Give it a try! Until next time,

Keep on stitch,


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